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All the required preparations needed for the trip

Once relaxed from the stress of travel and well settled in your comfortable room, you are ready to go on an adventure in the streets of the capital! But before setting foot outside, make sure you dress comfortably for the occasion. First, put on your shoes. Get ready for a long walk, as you stop very often to discover a lot of interesting details. You know how a day of shopping in store can ruin your legs. Stop, leave, and stop again. In short, if your feet are not well shod, prepare to suffer. Visiting the Eiffel Tower, for example, wants to wait 30 minutes to wait for the ticket, another several minutes to wait for the elevator, a small hour of trampling on the floors of the Tower, and several minutes to go down again.

The comfortable ambience and a serene temperature

The weather in Paris can be capricious: a beautiful sunny morning can quickly turn into a busy sky accompanied by a small wind gently cold. For our Canadian friends accustomed to the time of Montreal, the climate of Paris will seem very sweet. But for our visitors from the south of France, it is good to know that outside the May-September period, Paris is not hot. So do not hesitate to pack a little wool and a good windbreaker in your luggage. And in any case, do not forget your umbrella, which will sometimes be your best friend in the streets, especially if you want to take pictures of the city … because rain and cameras do not mix well. You may always choose to go to website and check all the various details and other important details.

The several things that you must remember

Avoid the taxi during the day, especially in the morning until 11:00 and in the late afternoon, from 4 to 8. The streets are clogged, and take the taxi during these hours, it is sure to watch the counter running without being able to do anything. Take the subway is easier, cheaper and very fast. Here is a map of the Paris metro (click on the picture). So get yourself a good pair of shoes, and too bad for fashion if you have to sacrifice beauty for comfort!

Things to remember while leaving the place

When you leave Paris intra-moors, the driver will be charged fare B during the day, then fare C from 20:00. If you are far from Paris, rate C applies at any time. You will pay extra for any luggage loaded in the trunk of the car, and if you take the taxi from an airport. Do not try to catch a taxi in the street if you are within 100 meters of a station: taxis cannot load passengers near a station; they must go to the station head the station itself. So stay away from the train station, or go to the station’s taxi stand.